Comprehensive TDS calculations

Primo Payroll comes with a built-in comprehensive automatic TDS calculator that takes in to account every aspect of the statutory requirements such as Chapter 6(80C), Chapter 6A(80D), Section 24, Section 80, Tax exemptions & Taxable perks that includes FY2016-17 updates. Manual TDS deductions can also be done as per the individual employee’s requests

Customizable Payslip Layouts

Primo Payroll provides the ability to customize the content of your employee payslips to suit your business needs. The Payslip module enables self-service users to view their electronic payslip for a pay period. Users can select what pay period or view from a list of values showing the Pay Dates. All columns and fields in the Online Payslip function are display only. Once the user has logged into the application and clicks on the View Payslip option, the user sees an electronic version of their payslip based on their selected assignment and the last pay period that has been processed. Sample customized payslip layout is furnished here with this reference.

Payslip style Monthly input Screen

Primo Payroll provides a unique intuitive monthly input screen for each employee that resembles the final payslip. The software enables the user to add/edit inputs (employee payments and deductions) to the monthly input screen that reflects in real-time the final outputs of the payslip as you enter the data. The absent days can also be added in this monthly payslip entry screen so that final payment deductions for the month are calculated and presented correctly.

Impressive Payroll Features