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I have already run several weeks of payroll using my old system. Will I be able to transfer the data to Primo Payroll?

Yes, a data transfer facility will be built into Primo Payroll that allows you to easily import data from CSV files

If I sign-up for the Standard Edition now, will I be able to upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise Edition without losing any data?


Can I upload the employees’ information instead of manually keying in the data?

Yes, you can use the data transfer facility to import the employees’ records from a CSV file.

Can I customize the payslip layout?

You can choose from a list of standard layouts available in the system. In addition, our support team will be able to create a customized layout based on your requirement for nominal charges

Are the Payslips password protected?

Yes. This will be available in the professional and enterprise edition

Is there a minimum contract period I have to sign up to?

You will sign up for a monthly rolling contract unless you choose to pay quarterly or annually. You will not pay a rupee after the month in which you choose to cancel your contract


We pay our employees using the Bank Transfer method, Can I transfer funds directly to Employees’ accounts from Primo Payroll. Can you help?

The payment method can be selected as Bank Transfer in employee records (employment tab) but you cannot directly transfer funds to Employees’ accounts from Primo Payroll. Instead Bank transfer details of employees can be fetched from reports section and can easily be manipulated for various Bank transfer form formats.

I closed the payroll period by mistake. Can I re-open it?

Not at the moment. We are working on a feature to allow users to roll back. This will be available in the 2017 release. In the meantime, you will have to contact our support team to resolve the issue.

Can I have a mixture of employees who are paid annually and monthly?

Yes. Primo Payroll allows two popular payment frequencies – Annually and monthly. You can have a range of employees who are paid at both frequencies in the same company.

We have a time and attendance system which records the hours worked by our factory workers. Is it possible to transfer the hours (standard and over-time) to Primo Payroll without keying-in manually?

Yes. This is a feature on the Professional and Enterprise Edition of the software. Popular system FORTUNA can be readily integrated with Primo Payroll. For any new system integration a nominal charge will be paid by the clients.

Some of our employees do not want to receive their payslips by email. How do I stop Primo Payroll from automatically emailing the payslips to these employees?

Payslips are not emailed automatically to the employees. You can use the payslip button in pay records page either to print or email payslips to specific employees or all.

One of our employees has requested that his user name on the employee portal is changed. How do I do this?

The username is unique and cannot be changed after it has been created.

We advance payments to our staff frequently. Is there a way we can recover the advance payments over a period of time automatically?

The best way to do this is to set up a deduction of the type ‘Loan’. Once the deduction element is set up, open the employee’s record, go to the deductions tab and click ‘Loan Setup’. Specify the amount advanced and how much you want to deduct per period. Once this is done, the payments will be automatically deducted until the full amount is recovered.

An employee who left our organization a few weeks ago has joined us again. I had already done leavers update. How do I reinstate their record?

You cannot and should not reinstate the same employee record. Instead, you must create a new employee record.

Is it possible to temporarily remove an employee from the payroll processing procedure?

Yes, you can use the ‘On Hold’ facility in the employee’s record to prevent the program from processing their payroll.

Tax & Statutory

Where is the option to declare my Income Tax exemption investment details such as 80C?

You can enter these Tax exemptions in Tax deductibles tab in the employee records section

How do I make a tax free payment to employees?

In the Tax and statutory tab in the employee records, you can set the Manual TDS as ‘Yes’ and TDS will not be deducted for particular Employee

How to file PF and ESI returns with Primo Payroll?

You can cannot directly file PF and ESI returns with Primo Payroll but you can generate the PF and ESI returns files in the reports section and file the returns manually.

What are the statutory deductions from salary?

PF, ESI, PT and TDS are considered as Statutory Deductions that are to be deducted from salary.

Which Labour, Industrial and miscellaneous laws compliances are maintained by this software?

Primo Payroll is compliant with laws pertaining to e-TDS (Income Tax),Employee State Insurance, Provident Fund, Professional Tax, Pension Scheme, Payment of Bonus, Payment of Gratuity, Over-Time, Arrears

Can I see Tax Computation for more than one employee simultaneously?

Yes, you can generate computation in excel and pdf formats for more than one employee from the reports section.

How to Edit Employees’ previous employer Details including TDS, salary, etc.?

In the TDS – Salary Certificate, there is an option to feed previous employer details and salary details.

Is there any option to calculate employee bonus automatically?

You can set Bonus payments in the payments settings page. You can define the bonus percentage and period and bonus payable month. Then software will calculate bonus for all employees.

Can we generate and send Form 16 to employee?

Yes, you can generate Form 16 for all employees in the reports section and in the higher versions, can be sent in bulk to employees through their e-mail ID.


How can I be assured my data will be kept Private?

We are committed to keeping your data private and secure. For a greater understanding of the legal obligations Primo Payroll adheres to regarding data privacy, refer to the Privacy Policy Statement. We have world class infrastructure with secure data-centers, redundant servers, and frequent backups.

Do we pay any Annual Maintenance Fee?

Customers do not pay any annual charges as they use a monthly pay-per-use service.

What is the Support Mechanism?

We offer support through telephones, email and Live Chat.

Can we create separate logins for our HR, Finance and Administration etc. with their individual rights to use this software?

Yes, for the security reasons, the important data can be scheduled which will be operable by the administrative department or personnel and with this, user can create different user IDs with distinct rights for login.

Is there any E-mail or Export facility for Payslips?

Yes, the payslips will be mailed to all or selected employees’ e-mail addresses saved in master details with user-defined subject and message.