Employee Self-Service

Primo Payroll ESS gives employees access to some of their payroll and benefits information. Employees have their own login to the payroll software that allows them to access and view their personal payroll information, payslips and FORM 16. ESS is often referred to as the Employee portal.

Benefits of employee self-service

  1. Employees can view their profile and payroll information

With Primo Payroll ESS, the employees can view their personal profile and validate the profile information updated in the portal. Employees can log into the ESS system and view their payroll information too including historical payslips, Tax Summary and FORM 16.

  1. Employees can Cross check their Tax saving Investments and expenditures

When an employee’s life situation changes their tax withholding might also change. Things such as marriage, divorce, a new child, or death of a family member can all affect the employee’s Tax savings investments and expenditures

Primo Payroll Employee self-service might allow employees to validate their Tax savings investments and expenditures (Tax deductibles). Any changes in these shall be informed to the employer to make the changes to avoid Tax payment/default.

  1. Employees can protect their Payroll Information

Payroll information is confidential. The employees can protect their payroll information by changing their password frequently.

With Primo Payroll employee self-service, your employees can change their password frequently to safeguard their payroll data.

  1. Employees can view important documents

When employees have access to common documents, they will not have to ask you as many questions and avoid manual work. Employees can help themselves. This means you can save some of your precious time.

With Primo Payroll employee self-service, your employees can access Payslips generated, Tax Summary and FORM 16 for current and historical periods.

  1. Employees can access their payroll history

Do employees need copies of previous pay slips for applying for a Loan? You can tell them to log into the ESS system.

In the Primo Payroll ESS system, employees can view their payroll history. They can view and print pay slips. Employees can also see how much you deducted from each paycheck.

When employees have access to their payroll history, they can quickly get the information they need without being dependent on the employer.

Try Primo Payroll

Cloud based Primo Payroll Employee self-service can save you a lot of time. When you use ESS with your payroll software, you reduce administrative tasks and give employees the full freedom and an opportunity to take control of some of their information.